Onsite/Online Training

If your organisation has 3 or more people who need specific training we can organise private closed courses which can be delivered on a date to suit you either live online or at your chosen location.

How this works

You tell us what training course(s) you require and we can provide the material, examinations and the qualified and experienced trainer to deliver the course at a suitable location and on an agreed date. We have trainers worldwide so any location is possible.

The benefits of organising closed private training are:

  • Reducing the costs of attending training and travel/accomodation costs per delegate.
  • As the course is specific to your organisation we can focus on specific examples and issues related to the organisation, rather than more general discussions in public classes.
  • Allows delegates to be closer to the working environment should immediate issues need be addressed.
  • With our wide and growing portfolio of training courses we can also offer formal agreements to deliver several private courses which should significantly reduce training costs. For more information please contact us.

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