Audit services

Audit Services

Parker Solutions Group offers both knowledge and practical experience through our experienced and certified team of professionals providing support to your compliance projects in a holistic approach, taking into account your project needs, your technology needs, the level of knowledge of your employees, your processes, your organisational culture and your budget, in order to better meet your business objectives.

By entrusting us with the audit of your compliance status or position you ensure that at all times you have an audit partner working to support your organisation and its objectives.

We offer three types of audit services:

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Certification Audit

Parker Solutions Group can perform ISO management systems audits leading to fully recognised and accredited certification from PECB (

Our specialty is delivering integrated audits, meaning we can reduce audit cost, time and overhead whilst supporting our customers to achieve their compliance and certification goals quickly and effectively.

Our qualified auditors are specialist professionals in the areas they audit but also have in depth real world audit experience. This allows our audit teams to work in an optimal way contributing to a streamlined experience that delivers true business value.

All our audit output and communication is designed to be clear, easy to understand and pragmatic therefore allowing your organisation to fulfil ISOs aim of continual improvement.

Parker Solutions Group provides certification audits for the following Management System and Sector Specific Certifications:

ISO 27001 Information Security

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management

ISO 9001 Quality Management

ISO 20000 IT Service Management

ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security

ISO 55001 Asset Management

ISO 30301 Records Management

ISO 27034 Secure Application Development (Statement of Conformity)

ISO 31000 Risk Management (Statement of Conformity)

ISO 29100 Privacy Management (Statement of Conformity)

Pre-Certification Audit

Parker Solutions Group offers pre-certification audits to help our clients be sure of their compliance status before undergoing a formal external certification audit.

Working in the same way as professional certification body our expert audit team will conduct a thorough audit of all aspects of your management system(s) and provide clear understandable, pragmatic advice to allow effective remediation of any findings.

Our goal is to prepare our clients for a successful certification audit and to prepare them for the efforts beyond the certification audit.

Internal Audit

Running an internal audit function is a costly overhead for any organisation. Retaining and maintaining a skilled workforce is a major challenge for all but the largest of businesses.

Outsourcing your internal audit function to an expert partner can significantly reduce your costs and overheads and make internal audit a streamlined process.

No matter what internal audit functions you have, what compliance standards you need to follow or whatever the number of required audits our dedicated team of experienced auditors is on hand to deliver.

We can also offer supply chain audit services where we undertake audits of your business partners or suppliers based upon your contractual agreements.

Service Overview

Organisations are being subject to more and more compliance requirements as well as having their own policies and standards in place. Auditing is a major tool in ensuring compliance.

Our internal audit service allows you to outsource all of your internal functions removing the overhead and costs. Our contracts are flexible allowing us to provide a service that meets your needs and one which can be scaled up or down at any time.

Our audit services can be used to audit against standards including all major ISO Management Systems (ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 28000, ISO 20000 etc), Sarbanes Oxley, Data Protection Act, PCI-DSS, amongst many others, in addition to tailor made audits against your organisation’s own policies and standards.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced cost as the need to appoint and retain permanent auditors is decreased
  • Costs paid only for work completed
  • Long term commitment for a partner who will ensure a professional end to end service
  • Tailored specifically to your organisational requirements
  • Fully flexible, professional time called when you need it
  • Provides an independent view of your present compliance levels
  • Can be used to prepare for a formal audit (e.g. ISO certification audit, regulatory audit)
  • Gives organisations greater understanding of their business processes and technology
  • Increased knowledge gained from the audits should help to improve business processes and efficiency


Our consultants are highly skilled and experienced in auditing and hold associated professional certifications such as Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 22301 Lead Auditor.We will work with your organisation to assess your audit requirements and develop a tailor made audit package.Audits are conducted in timeframes to suit the needs of our clients and represent excellent value for money.

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