A self-motivated individual with a passion for his subject spanning over 20 years in the industry, Pablo has an extensive array of further skills, being adept at code review and development in a number of programing languages. He also has a technical background in network and cloud based Infrastructure including Web and Mobile Applications technologies and high-level risk assessment.

Pablo Sisca has worked for a range of Fortune/FTSE clients, government and public sector clients. His ability and technical skillset is heavily in demand by national and global corporations such as Microsoft, where he is frequently asked as an independent specialist to perform Red Team assessments, Black-Grey box testing, source code assessment and binary analysis on critical government and commercial products.

Working on many large-scale critical projects with tight deadlines and multiple work streams, Pablo is able to set milestones, manage teams, adapt to changes in real-time and deliver to customer expectations.

“Passion for security has given us the focus to provide unrivalled technical knowledge and cutting-edge research within the security industry. Our expertise ensures our clients achieve both their business and security objectives by becoming their trusted security advisor.”